Wagashi are introduced from China to Japan in Tang Dynasty(618–907) and Song Dynasty(960–1279) which usually served in a tea ceremony. We call it tea desserts.

Basic Wagashi class:

Mochi (Daifuku), Youkan, Dorayaki.

Jō Namagashi class basic:

How to make nerigiri( white bean paste+glutinous rice dough)

Sakura, Sunflower, Clover, Chrysanthemum 1


Peony,  Chrysanthemum 2, Chrysanthemum 3, Maple, Kingiokukan

Both online live classes( will be held through Skype) and onsite in person(if you would like to come to London, Ontario) classes available for your convenience. Customized program available upon request. Contact us for more info.


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